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        Whether you’re a large-scale shipper or a small business, we have a solution that’s right for you. Manage critical customs and freight information for complete supply chain visibility and recordkeeping. Our technology helps you trade better.

        Maintain visibility

        You need to know exactly where things are and when hand-offs occur. With our online solutions you gain access to valuable freight movement and customs status information to help manage your import and export process.

        Be in control

        The degree of control you have in the trade process is completely up to you. You can own as much or as little of the import and/or export process. Our flexible and scalable technology products align to your business requirements.

        Stay compliant

        Our tools are designed with compliance in mind. Rules-based intelligence is built in to validate and augment data. Increase documentation accuracy. Reduce customs clearance delays. Improve compliance. And save time.

        End-to-end trade technology.

        Enabling end-to-end compliance in flexible and agile supply chains.

        Proactively reduce trade operations complexity and maintain better governance over your trade compliance. Our scalable, adaptable solutions deliver flexibility to control as little or as much of the global trade process as you would like. Our unique set of online tools allows management of your import and export process from full insourcing/self-filing of entries to full outsourcing. All while maintaining real time visibility into your trade information.

        Technology Products

        Customs information access
        Customs information access

        Check the customs release status of your shipments. Search entry summary details by product, supplier and carrier. Perform trend and scenario analysis by imported product, vendor and country of origin for any specified time period.

        Transport Technology
        Transport Technology

        Better plan, execute and report on all your freight and transportation activities with our cloud-based Freight Marketplace. Make better transport choices, enable your people, optimize your operations and save money.

        Self-filing solutions
        Self-filing solutions

        Large-scale importers: Complete the customs release and entry processing with our do-it-yourself customs clearance systems. File with U.S. CBP and CBSA in Canada. Get expert support from Livingston when you need it. It’s the ideal safety net.

        Global trade management
        Global trade management

        TradeSphere? global trade management software: A compliance manager’s ultimate global dashboard. Manage your import and export trade processes. Control fixed costs. Maintain a global trade compliance audit trail. And more.

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        Control costs

        Control costs

        Perform trade program analysis to optimize duty savings. Quickly and easily determine duty rates on import shipments. Make better purchasing decisions.

        Ensure compliance

        Ensure compliance

        Manage your customs activities online and store your entries electronically. Meet your government agency record-keeping requirements. Reduce paper-trail management.

        Streamline your supply chain

        Streamline your supply chain

        Manage your trade data and gain valuable insights on your vendor, carrier and business performance. Identify and execute corrective actions. Lower costs. And hold supply chain partners to a high service standard.

        Document creation simplified

        Document creation simplified

        Create compliant shipping documents quickly and easily. With template and product database features that allow you to upload or download data from other sources. Save time. Reduce manual input errors.

        My Livingston.

        Your central place to transact and connect with us online.

        • Follow key trends.
        • Quickly see items that require attention.
        • Connect with your client service representatives and other Livingston experts.
        • Resolve issues and collaborate on shared tasks.
        • Gain valuable insights into your vendor, carrier and business performance.
        • Leverage trade-support tools to simplify, automate and streamline your global trade operations online.

        Solutions to fit your needs.

        No matter your business size.

        Designed to fit your business needs and the role you play in the international trade process.
        We understand supply chain pain points and have solutions to address your needs.



        • Generate Documents: Create your export shipping documentation
        • Screen for Restricted Parties: Screen your trade partners against more than 80 global lists
        • Self-file AES Declarations: Prepare and send your export declarations to the Automated Export System (AES)
        • Track Freight: Obtain freight-milestone status, status exceptions, shipment and port details


        • Submit ACE and ACI eManifest: File your carrier ACE manifest for U.S. and ACI manifest for shipments into Canada
        • Track Customs Status: Get our mobile app and track the customs release status of U.S.-bound and Canada-bound shipments


        • Calculate Landed Cost: Calculate your estimated duties, taxes, freight, transportation and insurance charges
        • Create Reports: Analyze shipment, vendor and carrier metrics through the lens of customs and freight
        • Submit Trade Data: Transmit your commercial invoice data to Livingston electronically
        • View Images: Maintain electronic recordkeeping in accordance with regulations
        • Track Freight: Obtain freight milestone-status, status exceptions, shipment and port details
        • Self-file ISF: File your Importer Security Filing to U.S. Customs
        Customs Brokerage Calculator

        Get a customs brokerage price in 3 minutes or less.

        Livingston has made it easier than ever to get an estimate on Customs Brokerage for importing into the US and Canada. Simply tell us a bit about your business and your shipment and our innovative calculator will give you an instant price. All in about the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

        Try our brokerage calculator