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        GET ON BOARD.

        As a frequent shipper, you know that when it comes to getting goods from A to B, there’s no replacement for punctuality and speed. This page lays out exactly what you’ll need to help us help you achieve both on your first shipment with Livingston.

        To simplify your freight moves, we assign a single point of contact on your account, your freight manager, to co-ordinate specialists for the different modes of transport you may need:

        Air Freight

        Save time and improve reliability with optimal air forwarding through our experienced partners and agents. Count on better scheduling, clearance, and speed to market. Worldwide.

        Ocean Freight

        Consolidated shipments or full containers, we provide leveraged ocean transportation with industry best routings including options through our own carrier division. You enjoy customized service that’s on time and on budget.

        Ground Freight

        Complete road transportation and distribution services. From a single pallet to a full truckload, we provide fast and accurate quoting and dispatch services to get your freight on the road when you need it.

        To shedule a shipment contact your Freight Manager

        5121 Sackville St.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1K1
        Call 902-422-9666

        Dorval Airport
        2200 Avenue Reverchon
        Dorval, Quebec, H9P 2S7
        Call 514-636-3930

        1616 Autoroute Laval
        Laval, Quebec, H7S 2E7
        Call 450-681-4555

        140 Thad Johnson Rd # 205
        Gloucester On. K1V 0R4
        Call 613-521-4751

        405 the West Mall suite 400
        Toronto, Ontario
        M9C 5L7
        Call 416-626-2800

        2021 Sargent Ave. unit #15
        Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0Z8
        Call 204-786-6511

        Call 780-421-4351

        Suite 320, 1925 18 Avenue NE
        Calgary, Alberta
        T2E 7T8
        Call 403-250-3753

        Unit 2190 - 5000 Miller Road
        Richmond, British Columbia
        V7B 1K6
        Call 604-273-5420

        HOW-TO GUIDESUseful Guides
        for you and your team.

        If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I…?” in the context of global trade, we’ve got you covered with resources that help simply international trade.

        More How-to Guides

        SERVICESRelated Services
        to help you trade better.

        We do a lot more than get goods from A to B. We’ve got the entire logistics spectrum covered – from insurance to warehousing to auditing – so you can use a single source for all your shipping needs.

        VIDEO BLOGOff-the-Cuff

        Join Mike Meierkort, Livingston’s President of International Freight & Transportation Solutions, who reveals insights and best practices for shippers and what they should be considering when coordinating their freight.

        Learn More

        with Mike Meierkort